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The key to avoiding this is for you to find out your body type. There are a lot of on the web tests you can take for free, if you want to find out what your body type is usually. Once you have identified your accurate body type, you must then become acquainted with the different types of boots for ladies that are best suited for your shape. If you are petite or to the shorter side, ankle boots with high heels are the best suitable for you. They elongate your feet and make you look more substantial. Knee-high boots are not hence flattering on petite ladies, as they can look overwhelming on shorter legs. For women that have a boyish or athletic build, boots with stiletto heels and embellishments (such tiny belt buckles or fur trimmings) will alleviate the figure and add a touch of femininity. Boots with an asymmetric cut will also humor muscular and firm legs.

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